Leveraging the African digital landscape and connecting it to the world

KRU Technologies aspires to be the leading Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technology platform provider in the market. As data is at the forefront of innovation, we are developing advanced AI and Cognitive Technology, Blockchain, IoT, 3D VR/AR solutions that leverage the data available to public and private sector organizations in order to redefine the way they do business, interact with and serve their customers.

Our Values

At KRU Technologies, we base our service and approach on three core values that help us best serve our clients:

  • • Curiosity: We’re eager to know, understand and anticipate current and future customer needs. This is how we build our expertise and give our clients seamless IT solutions, time and time again
  • • Innovation: We’re driven by the desire to challenge the status quo. Through our innovation, our clients can easily implement technological solutions that address their customers’ needs in real-time.
  • • Relevance: We stay ahead of the curve to keep our clients relevant. We make it our job to give our clients the tools they need to continuously adapt to market changes or challenges.

Our Services

KRU Technologies is a specialist service provider currently offering Cloud Management services to small and medium-sized companies.

Specialized IT Consulting.

We offer specialized IT consulting services focused on cloud-based technologies in the following areas of expertise:

  • • ArtificialIntelligence (AI), Cognitive Technologies, big data analytics and predictive analytics.
  • • Business Process Management and CRM systems
  • • Systems integration, implementation and software development
  • • Legacy application modernization and Migrations

Business Process Management and Automation (BPM aPaaS)

  • • Suited for small and medium business. We provide SME’s with Business Process Management multi-tenancy capabilities that enable them to develop, test and deploy applications in the cloud.
  • • Unlike other options in the market, our BPM solution allows you to configure specific applications for individual tenants and to privately label portals for individual vendors.

Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB)

We protect our clients as they migrate or continue their journey to the cloud. With our CASB service, we help customers identify threats to their cloud footprint and establish a security baseline that learns behaviour patterns across the enterprise.

DevOps as a Service

Suited for small and medium businesses that need a cloud-based development solution that facilitates complete visibility and collaboration between software development teams, QA teams and operations teams

Workspace as a Service

Suited for small to medium businesses that can’t afford the internal resources and infrastructure to manage fully-fledged IT services on their own.

Our Team

We're a proven team of engineers and business managers with a combined experience of over 40+ years of IT experience, positioned to provide our clients with top-tier end-to-end solutions. The KRU team can seamlessly assist you from conception to launch and continue to support your business as an extension of your team while you strive to achieve your business objectives.

Why Choose Us

KRU Technologies consists of a team of highly-skilled and talented professionals that are here to improve your business’ competitive positioning and profitability.

  • • Through our data strategies and technologies, businesses can rapidly respond to market changes and challenges, as well as their customers’ unique needs – streamlining their business processes and reducing operational expenses.
  • • Our innovative approach to IT solutions allows organisations to reach their objectives faster through AI, BPM and Cloud services – improving the overall customer experience and giving the organisation access to valuable data-based insights.

KRU Technologies gives you the tools to:

Bridge the gap

We leverage next generation cloud technology platforms that use AI, cognitive intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning and Business Process Management to help you achieve your business outcomes better and faster.

Adapt to change

We keep you central to the digital revolution by utilising forward-thinking data strategies in your organisation to help you best serve your customers. KRU Technologies is here to help you step into the future of business with ease.

Know your customers

We help businesses invest in the future of their customer relationships. Through our innovative IT solutions, businesses can empower their clients by investing in the areas that support their expectations of quick, reliable and efficient service in a digital economy.

Empower your customers

We transform data into tangible and useful information that will help you better understand your clients. Through our business and technical expertise, we help you implement the best data and information strategies to guide decision-making and improve customer service in real-time.

Focus on your business:

We help organisations focus on running their business the way they’ve envisioned them. By providing specialised IT solutions that integrate AI, cognitive intelligence and Business Process Management, we consistently help businesses future-proof themselves for success

Who we Service

As a specialist IT services provider, KRU Technologies caters to a variety of clients in several sectors. This includes but is not limited to the following industries:

  • • Financial Services, Media, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Real Estate, Government & Education, Energy-Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Professional Services.

Some of our existing IT partners include: